"I no longer leave my patient’s      
       side after I give an injection…"

— Michael Snider, DDS - Cambridge Dental Associates

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It’s time to streamline dental workflow…

Learn how buffering can add 1-2 hours of additional production time to your day and help you obtain new patients for your practice

COVID has changed the Dental Workflow. CDC guidance to dentists:
“Dental Health Care Professionals should limit clinical care to one patient at a time whenever possible.”

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About Anutra

By leveraging the benefits of buffering, treating one patient at a time is now more efficient than numbing a patient and running down the hallway to check hygiene or start a second patient. It is also safer and helps you save money on scarce and expensive PPE supplies.

Using the extremely user-friendly Anutra device allows you to on demand buffer anesthetic and raise the PH of local anesthetic to the physiologic neutral state prior to delivering the anesthetic.

Leveraging the science of buffering which has been used successfully in medicine for over 60 years increases the predictability, reliability, and speed at which patients get numb. Not only do patients become numb rapidly, but they also reach profound numbness in minutes allowing practitioners to go to work right away.

The benefit of a practitioner never having to leave their patient’s side not only revolutionizes the efficiency of a practice and increases profitability; it transforms a patient’s experience and perception of their visit. The neutral anesthetic solution gives you the ability to deliver an injection with less burning and stinging sensation, so patients are much more comfortable and less fearful.

Benefits of Buffering


Buffering can elevate the depth of anesthesia increasing the likelihood of patients getting numb the first time.


Buffered anesthetics can cross the nerve membrane more readily allowing a patient to become numb quickly.

Reduced Pain

Mixing anesthetic with sodium bicarbonate creates a bi-product of CO2 which by itself contains the ability to create a numbing effect.


of appointments were at least 15 minutes shorter than scheduled.

16.7 Minutes

is the average time saved per appointment (saves 2 hours per day)

1.81 out of 10

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being no pain and 10 being extreme pain.