Anutra Medical Inc. Intellectual Property

Anutra is committed to the innovation and commercialization of leading-edge medical products.

The Anutra products embody a host of proprietary technology and associated intellectual property that reflect this commitment. The company and its products are the subject of and incorporate substantial intellectual property both issued and pending in the United States and Internationally.

The Anutra® Local Anesthetic Delivery System, Anutra® Dispenser, Anutra® Cassette, and Anutra® Syringe are the subject of one or more of:

U.S. Patents and/or Patent Applications:
14/298,716: Syringe fill system and method
14/298,759: Cassette assembly for syringe fill system
14/298,790: Haptic feedback and audible output syringe

U.S. Design Patent and/or Patent Applications
29/493,299: Delivery System Cassette
29/493,302: Anesthetic Delivery System
29/493,304: Fluid Administration Syringe

International Patents Granted:
PCT/US 14/41389
European Community Design Registration 002590794-1/3


“Anutra” is a registered trademark of Anutra Medical Inc.
“Buffering Simplified” is a trademark of Anutra Medical Inc.
“Infusion Medical” is a trademark of Anutra Medical Inc.