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Helping you maximize the efficiency of the Anutra Buffered Anesthetic protocol.

Featured Asked Questions

Our industry experts are here to guide you through many of the most frequently asked questions about switching to the Anutra Buffered Anesthetic protocol.

Traditional Syringe vs. Anutra Syringe

Dr. Dan Davidian talks about the traditional dental syringe vs the innovative Anutra Syringe.

Expert Technique Videos

The Anutra Workflow is changing the way dentistry is practiced. Learn more from our industry experts.

Dr. Dan Davidian shares tips on giving a PDL or Palatal injection

Please hear from one of the industries best dentists talk about using a 1mL syringe for difficult injections.

Dr. Dan Davidian speaks about difficulty with giving certain injections

Hear Dr. Dan Davidian, CMO at Anutra Medical, talk about the challenges dentists have giving certainly types of injections.