The Anutra Dispenser

Buffering Simplified.

The Anutra Dispenser is a ground-breaking, local anesthetic delivery and buffering solution allowing you to never leave your patient’s side after administrering local anesthetic.


Precision buffering.

The Anutra Dispenser allows you to simply measure out precise doses of buffered anesthetic each and every time by twisting the knob.

Sleek appearance.

With a small footprint and ergonomic design, you can place your Anutra Dispenser in every operatory without having to make room for a large, complex device.

Save Time. Make Money.

Imagine being able to fit extra patients in your schedule and still send everyone home on time. By harnessing the power of buffering local anesthetics along with the Anutra Medical Local Anesthetic Delivery System you never have to leave your patient’s side after injecting and you can go to work more quickly.

Why Buffer Local Anesthetics?

Increased Predictability of Numbing

Buffering can elevate the depth of anesthesia increasing the likelihood of patients getting numb the first time.

Efficiency in Your Schedule

Buffered anesthetics can cross the nerve membrane more readily allowing a patient to become numb quickly.

Can Reduce Patient Pain

Buffering can lower the high level of acid typically found in local anesthetics which can reduce the burning pain after injection.

New to the science of buffering?

Resources for The Anutra Dispenser

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