Anutra Any Dose®

Anutra Any Dose® utilizes the Anutra Syringe®, or any luer lock syringe, to draw up exactly what dose is required under your anesthetic protocol.

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Anutra Any Dose® for Dental Practices

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Anutra Dispenser®

The Anutra Dispenser® is a ground-breaking, local anesthetic delivery and buffering solution allowing you to never leave your patient’s side after administrering local anesthetic. simply measure out precise doses of buffered anesthetic each and every time by twisting the knob. With a small footprint and ergonomic design, you can place your Anutra Dispenser in every operatory without having to make room for a large, complex device.

Any Dose Cassette®

The Anutra Any Dose® Cassette allows you to draw up as much as 5mL in order to administer multiple injections in the mouth. This enhances the patient experience by not having to see the metal syringe come in and out of the mouth multiple times, as well as reducing the chance for potential needle sticks.

*Any Dose® Cassette does not house the 4.2% Sodium Bicarbonate solution

Upgrade to Buffered Anesthetic

Anutra Any Dose® can be upgraded to the Anutra Delivery System® to bring the science of buffering to your practice for maximum patient satisfaction. Please contact Anutra Medical to discuss the options for upgrade.