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Anutra is transforming the way in which local anesthetics are buffered and delivered to patients. With the Anutra Dispenser, Cassette and Syringe, practitioners are able to increase productivity and enhance patient experience.

- Jeff Daner
President of Anutra Medical

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Improve Workflow

Efficiency is critical in every clinical environment. Buffering with Anutra increases the predictability of local anesthetic as well as the onset time. With a smooth, streamlined workflow, patients receive the highest level of service possible and clinicians stay on time and run an efficient, predictable schedule.

Patient Experience

Patient experience is more important than ever before. Buffered anesthetic with Anutra reduces the burning sensation a patient feels when they receive an injection. With more options for patient's to choose from, providing exemplary patient experience could be the difference between that patient scheduling an appointment.

Safety and Regulation

With a closed dispensing system, Anutra offers extreme patient safety in the delivery and mixing of local anesthetic. Via patented filtered, uni-flow and sterile path technology, the Anutra Dispenser and Cassette are able to maintain sterility of multi-dose vials for up to fourteen days. Using the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System reduces cross contamination risk of multi-dose vials. This eliminates the need to draw up anesthetic in advance, leaving it to sit open for hours.

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