The Anutra Cassette®

Buffering Simplified.

Intricately engineered for precision and accuracy, The Anutra Cassette® leverages the science of buffering to precisely mix lidocaine with epinephrine and sodium bicarbonate to effectively and efficiently buffer local anesthetics.


Use Whenever. Waste Less.

By leveraging widely adapted medical technology, you can leave your sodium bicarbonate and lidocaine with epinephrine attached to your Anutra Cassette® for up to fourteen days. This means there is no need for strategic planning on whether or not it is worth your valuable resources to buffer on a given day.

Precision Simplified.

Buffering can be a painstaking, multi-step process that needs to be done with precision for maximum effectiveness. The Anutra Cassette® is ingeniously engineered to minimize these complications and prevent human error. It is equipped with a 0.2 micron hydrophobic air filter that prevents airborne contaminants from entering the anesthetic and utilizes advanced uni-flow technology maintaining a sterile path of buffered anesthetic into the syringe.

Seamless Bulk Delivery.

Designed with your efficiency and flexibility in mind, each Anutra Cassette® allows you to consistently buffer up to 50 mL of anesthetic. This feature coupled with the Anutra Dispenser and Syringe allows you to buffer your desired amount of anesthetic when you want it. You are no longer confined to the conventional 1.8 mL carpule.

The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System

The Anutra Cassette® is designed to work with the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System. The Precision Dial on the Anutra Dispenser allows you to consistently and accurately buffer local anesthetic. With Luer Lock technology, the Anutra Syringe locks securely onto the Anutra Dispenser and Cassette to make buffering simple.


New to the science of buffering?