Anutra Medical’s Response to COVID-19

All new customers will receive a month’s worth of free product in order to help with emergency cases.

This limited-time care package includes:

Dispenser photo
(1) Anutra Dispenser
Cassettes photo
(4) Cassettes w/ Lidocaine & Sodium Bicarbonate
Syringe photo
(50) Anutra Syringes
Needles photo
(100) 30g Needles

A message from our president, Jeff Daner

The events over the last few weeks have reminded us all how fast things can change in the world we live in and how fragile life can be. We stand with all the professionals that are doing incredible work trying to stop the spread of the virus and providing support for the ill. Our prayers go out to all those that have been and are effected. Due to the current information surrounding this global situation, we have elected to set forth with a plan to protect our team and support our customers to the best of our abilities. Starting today, Friday March the 13th at 12 PM EST, our plan will be put into action to continue to provide the best customer support.

Let me assure all of you that Anutra Medical, as well as our channel partners, are all fully supplied to avoid any disruption in delivering product to the market. We are predicting emergency cases in the dental and medical space will increase as the spread of the virus continues. Our product was built for many reasons, but one was for the efficiency of anesthesia, which certainly helps with emergency cases.

As a company, Anutra Medical's mission is to not only reduce the fear within the dental industry, but also to provide support within our surrounding communities. With the rise of anxiety towards the current virus, we want to help provide any relief and support in those areas that have been hit the hardest. Over the next 24 hours, we will be reaching out to those dental and medical professionals in those areas and offer donations with no obligations in order to provide anesthetics. Please be on the look out for these future communications from Anutra or your Dental/Medical supplier. In the mean time, should you need anything please feel free to reach out to us.

We will continue to pray for all those that are ill and for the uncertainty surrounding this time.

God Bless,

Jeff Daner

Jeff Daner
Anutra Medical President