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Workspace The Future of Anesthetic Delivery Anutra Medical is transforming the way in which local anesthetics are buffered and delivered to patients, allowing practitioners to increase productivity and enhance the patient experience. The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System® allows you to stay with your patient after administering anesthesia and streamline your dental workflow. Schedule Demo Workspace A Revolution in Design This is not your typical dental syringe. With a revolutionary design, the Anutra Syringe® enables the delivery of multiple doses of buffered or unbuffered anesthetic. With an innovative, less intimidating look, it is optimized in diameter and length. The ergonomic, lightweight design is simple-to-use and easily allows one-handed aspiration. Schedule Demo Workspace Innovation Backed by Science Buffering anesthetics has been used in medical facilities for over 50 years, and now with the innovation of the Anutra Medical Delivery System® you can provide buffered anesthetic chairside. The result of buffering lidocaine with epinephrine can increase a clinician’s efficiency and reduce a patient’s pain. Schedule Demo

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Dr. Krasowski discusses the profound effect of Anutra Buffered Anesthetic and reducing toxicity in patients.

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