The New Dental Workflow

The Anutra Workflow has allowed Dr. Mayes to change her practice and adhere to the new CDC Guidelines.

“Anutra fulfills our needs. It exceeds our expectations at every level...”

Delivery Redefined.

Anutra Medical is transforming the way in which local anesthetics are buffered and delivered to patients. With the Anutra Dispenser, Cassette and Syringe, practitioners are able to increase productivity and enhance patient experience.

Buffered anesthetics have been used in medical facilities for over 50 years, and now with the innovation of the Anutra Medical Delivery System® you can provide buffered anesthetic chairside.

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Anutra Dispenser and Anutra Syringe

PPE Supplies

Anutra Medical is now offering Personal Protection Equipment. Limited quantities available.

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